Pipe Organs

We sold our home pipe organ in 2010...it was time to move on to a new phase of life, but people occasionally ask me how to get started on building a home pipe organ.

  1. Start with a used pipe organ or at least the major portion of one. You can add used ranks after you have a base.
  2. Subscribe to pipe organ discussion groups. At least one of those used to be called pipechat.org.
  3. I found I was "reinventing the wheel" each time I began constructing a new windchest. I finally committed to paper some of the practical aspects and techniques I've found useful. Pipe Organ Windchest Construction is a PDF that contains step-by-step instructions and drawings for electro-pneumatic and direct electric chests. This is "hobbyist level", not professional grade.
  4. I designed a belt-driven unit to replace the Century motor in a Spencer blower at Christ Memorial Church in Williston, Vermont, USA. It was literally 100 years old and had sporadic starting problems. My replacement is an example of realistic substitutions that obtain a working outcome.

This is the nine-rank pipe organ that we installed at Christ Memorial Church in Williston, Vermont, USA. I led the 40-person crew in organ renovation, facility preparation, and organ installation. 12 weeks, 1000 man-hours. People have asked where I found 40 people who would all work toward the common goal of bringing this project to very quick completion without letting this project drag on for several years.

Here's my thoughts...

To God be the glory!